This project is expected to have the following outcomes:

  • To provide data on the current country-wide status of several threatened and range-restricted freshwater fish species from Greece targeted with conventional fish sampling and eDNA sampling
  • To create a refugia in the wild for Valencia letourneuxi through a translocation action, as well as back up aquaria stocks of two threatened species that would benefit from safety-net populations being established, due to their restricted range and high threat level
  • To gain a better understanding of native-alien species interactions, in particular the impacts on native species caused by direct aggression of aliens and other stressors that could impact reproduction, egg/larvae/fry survival or a reduced ability to compete for food and habitat
  • To provide European-wide project dissemination and knowledge-sharing through the hosting and participation in conferences related to the subject of the project’s results
  • To reach a wider audience of young conservation practitioners working in freshwater habitats in Europe and beyond, via an easy to access and use website and via a video diary that charts the project’s accomplishments and activities