1st YEAR

  • Νationwide survey using both conventional fish sampling and eDNA methods targeting several threatened freshwater fish species of Greece, as well as some of the most widespread and/or invasive alien species
  • Creation of safety net stocks of selected threatened native fish species (e.g. Pungitius hellenicus and Economidichthys trichonis) in HCMR aquaria, where stocks of the Critically Endangered Valencia letourneuxi and Valencia robertae are currently kept
  • Creation of a breeding stock population of the Critically Endangered Corfu killifish Valencia letourneuxi in a spring area at the Acheron river basin (Western Greece) through translocation, acting as an in-situ refugia for the species
  • Creation of a project website for the dissemination of project information to the scientific community and the lay public

2st YEAR

  • Conducting of behavioural experiments under various environmental conditions to assess the characteristics of alien species that give them ecological advantage over native species
  • Organising a workshop in Greece for the dissemination of the project’s results to stakeholders
  • Organising workshop in Bristol (at BZS) for dissemination of the project’s results to fish conservationists and the zoo community
  • Creating of a short film on the activities of the project