what led to


Project GREEK KILLIFISH aimed to give baseline information on V. letourneuxi abundance, geographical distribution, ecological requirements and population status to assist conservation efforts


Project FISH-NET GREECE seeked to stabilise the populations of the critically endangered Corfu killifish (the sister species Valencia letourneuxi and Valencia robertae), by using field monitoring, captive breeding, laboratory research, trial translocation and awareness raising activities


Project RESILIENT aimed to assess the current population status of the Corfu killifish using both conventional fish monitoring methods and the least invasive environmental DNA (eDNA) method, with a view to expand this work to other threatened freshwater fish species of Greece


Project PACIM aimed to conduct population surveys of two range-restricted and Critically Endangered freshwater fish species of Greece, and of two invasive alien freshwater fish species, with conventional electrofishing and eDNA sampling


Project DECAGON aimed to create safety net stocks of the Greek killifish and to study its reproductive behaviour, larval development, upper salinity and thermal maxima, as well as its antagonistic interactions with alien fish species