Implementation of project actions

January 2022

  • Population status assessment of six threatened freshwater fish species of Greece and of two top alien invasive fish species

We conducted a seven-day field trip in October-November 2021 to assess the current status of the threatened Boeotian riffle dace, Thessaly goby, Prespa trout, Aegean minnow, Vistonis shemaja and Doiran bleak, as well as of the aliens Prussian carp and Pumpkinseed, targeted with both conventional fish sampling and the environmental DNA method Fifteen sites (in 13 river basins of Greece) were sampled, located in Central and Northern Greece

  • Corfu killifish trial translocation

We transferred in November 2021 48 individuals of the Corfu killifish Valencia letourneuxi to a spring habitat in the Acheron basin from an adjacent freshwater-fed canal

  • Safety fish stock acquirement

In December 2021, we collected individuals of the threatened Trichonis dwarf goby Economidichthys trichonis and the Trichonis blenny Salaria economidisi to test the viability of setting up aquarium stocks of one or both of these species for breeding purposes

In January 2022, we also collected individuals of the threatened Greek stickleback Pungitius hellenicus to set up an aquarium stock of the species for breeding purposes

  • Launching of the AFRESH website